04 Februari 2011



To live in this cruel world
Is to see what you don't want to see
To know what life meant
Sacrifice your need

Years of torturing ourselves
Chasing our own destiny
Taken away without sympathy
Leave us to rot in poverty

In every corner and dark street
You'll see their eyes are laughing at you
Fear won't lose its grips
There's nothing you can do

Nobody cares to stop them
Nodody cares what happens to me
No one hears my endless scream
Save me from my misery

There are so many paths to choose
So many ways to live
So many ways to end a dream
We still remain, your cruelty won't change
Our laughter and cries are still the same

You have your own story
You have a few mouths to feed
Feeding them with your own sin
Satisfy their need

If it happens to you my friend
Tell me how you'd feel
You meet someone without honesty
Someone else is laughing endlessly

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